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Core Values

Core values are what support our vision, shape our culture, and define who we are. These are the essence of our identity – the guiding principles or fundamental beliefs that are fixed regardless of the time and other factors. We expect our core values to provide both internal and external advantages to the Bank by:

  • Educating our customers and potential customers about what we are about and clarify the identity of Uniti Bank;
  • Helping our decision-making processes; and
  • Becoming primary recruiting and retention tools.

We intend to operate based on the following set of core values that are known as four pillars of “Uniti Value”:

Honor Excellence Innovation Community
Self Governance
Self Development
Change Culture
Mutual Respect & Responsibility
Community Care & CRA

HONOR – We expect all our employees and directors to exhibit honor in conducting everyday business built on self-governance, integrity, discipline, and principle.

EXCELLENCE – We expect all our employees to be ultimate professionals who are primarily responsible for self-development through training, putting in 110% efforts to exceed customer expectations, and improving professional knowledge that are essential in carrying their responsibilities.

INNOVATION – As the Bank is small in size and may lack some necessary human resources, this value is critical in improving our efficiency and our customers’ banking experience with us. We need to be able to adapt to rapidly changing culture and technology as well as spotting developing new trends to be successful.

COMMUNITY – We are committed to building our internal community (the Bank) based on mutual respect and responsibility and external community (the outside communities we serve) based on corporate social responsibility. As our employees are critical to our success, fair treatment and equitable practices toward and among all employees, from the top down, are our guiding principles. We also exist not only to serve the banking needs of our customers within the community in which we operate, but also to be socially responsible corporate citizens through community service activities and CRA activities.

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