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Trade Finance

Uniti Bank offers a wide variety of trade finance products and services with competitive rates and same-day processing. Our Trade Finance Department can provide customizable solutions to best meet your business needs. With personable service and individual attention, you can feel comfortable to put your trust in us to help your business growth and develop.

Eligibility will be determined by satisfaction of established Uniti Bank lending guidelines.

Products and Services:
  • Issuance and Settlement of Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Banker's Acceptances
  • Issuance of Bank Guarantees
  • International Lines of Credit: T/R (trust receipts) and C/A (cash advances)
  • Incoming Clean and Documentary Collections (D/P, D/A)
  • Advice, Negotiation, and Pay of Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Issuance of Assignments of Proceeds
  • Issuance of Back-to-Back Letters of Credit
  • Issuance of Transfer Letters of Credit
  • Outgoing Clean and Documentary Collections
  • Issuance of Standby Letters of Credit (to guarantee your payment or your performance)
For more information
visit the nearest Uniti Bank branch, call us at 888-733-2599 or submit a request on our Contact Us page.