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Mobile Deposit Endorsement Change

Effective immediately, the requirement for mobile deposit endorsements has changed due to new banking regulations.

All Uniti Bank deposits made through the mobile deposit app are now required to have a specific endorsement. The new endorsement must read, “For Mobile Deposit to Uniti Bank” followed by your signature.

Here are some examples of what the back of your check should look like:

deposit sample 1deposit sample 2

If you deposit a check through the mobile app without this endorsement, the check may be returned.

This new restrictive endorsement only applies to mobile deposits and the change is being implemented to ensure your deposits are being protected.

We appreciate your assistance in making this change. If you have any questions, please contact our E-Banking Department at 888-733-2599 or email ebanking@unitibank.com.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this a Uniti Bank change or is this requirement for all financial institutions?
    This new requirement comes from a banking regulation change and applies to all mobile deposits, at all financial institutions. It's not a change just for Uniti Bank customers.
  • Is this new endorsement required on all checks deposited?
    No, this new endorsement only applies to mobile deposits and is not required when you visit a branch to deposit a check.
  • Why is this new endorsement required? It's so much longer than a regular endorsement.
    We know the new endorsement is longer and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. This change is being implemented to protect your deposit so that it’s not accidentally presented at a bank when it’s already been deposited via the mobile app.
  • Can I use the check box in the endorsement area rather than using this new endorsement?
    No, the mobile deposit check box and space for the date is for your record keeping and unfortunately does not meet the new requirement for mobile deposits.
  • If I am depositing a check for my business do I need to sign my name with the mobile deposit endorsement?
    No, business customers should endorse the check to whom it is made payable plus “For Mobile Deposit to Uniti Bank” underneath.
  • If I use Remote Deposit Capture, is this new endorsement required?
    No, customers using Remote Deposit Capture have a different endorsement requirement. Please contact a member of our E-Banking Department for more information by phone at 888-733-2599 or via email at ebanking@unitibank.com.
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