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Account Type Certificate of Deposit IRA Certificate of Deposit
Description This is an interest-earning account with a fixed rate and a wide range of terms and interest payment options. This is a certificate of deposit account for retirement savings.
Minimum Opening Deposit $1,000 $1,000
Minimum Balance Requirement to Earn Interest $1,000 $1,000
Terms 3M to 60M 12M to 18M
Additional Information Interest can be added to principal of CD, credited to Uniti checking account, savings account or paid by check. No additional deposit is allowed prior to maturity. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals. Interest is redeposited into the IRA certificate of deposit account. An additional deposit may be allowed. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals.

* We may change the accounts mentioned in this schedule at any time by adding new terms and conditions or deleting or amending existing terms and conditions.

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