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BDK USA, Established in 1990, is a wholesaler/retailer of an array of Automotive Accessories which they distribute online and offline.
In efforts to mitigate the ever complicated accounting process which comes with the growth of the company, Uniti Bank’s Cash Management Services were implemented and have simplified the workflow significantly. Especially useful are the Email Notifications with Check information (Check Stub information) sent to recipients prior to receiving funds for AP payments processed via ACH.
Employees enjoy the fact that the process is systematic and convenient, and customers were able to consolidate work as well as enhance their accuracy due to information being provided ahead of time.
In the flood of information processed, the increased productivity and the peace of mind security that the new Uniti Bank Services provide are worth recommendation. We thank Uniti Bank for providing a much needed service for our accounting needs.

Peter Jung (CEO of BDK USA)


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