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Positive Pay

Positive Pay service is an automated fraud detection system that matches the checks issued by your company to the checks presented for payment. Checks presented that are not within the customer provided issued checks file will not be paid out to protect your account from fraud.

Benefits of Positive Pay
  • Identify Possible Fraud - Uniti Bank verify the checks issued by your company with the checks presented for payment prior to allowing the payment to process.
  • Reduce the potential of fraud loss - Uniti Bank will match the information on the check to the information provided by your company, and if the information does not match, it will not pay.
  • Delivers exception check images online - Uniti Bank will provide exception check images on the Positive Pay site for you to review to make decisions on payments on those exceptions.
For more information
visit the nearest Uniti Bank branch, call us at 888-733-2599 or submit a request on our Contact Us page.