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Express Invoice

Uniti Bank's Express Invoice service allows businesses to get paid faster, improve cash flow and have access to money sooner by invoicing customers electronically. With the ability to select the invoice option that best fits your needs, collect payments with a variety of options (checks, ACH, Credit Cards).

Express Invoice Advantages
  • Create and send customer business invoices that fit the needs of your business (Freeform, Service, Product and Garment).
  • Customized service to provide a competitive edge.
  • Utilize Express Invoice Mobile for on-the spot Invoices sent via email during Sales Visits.
  • Choose from a variety of electronic payment and invoicing options.
  • Keep track of the status (Current, Paid and Past-Due) of invoices.
  • Bank provides options of getting paid faster for outstanding payments to improve cash flow.
  • Various reports are also available for your accounting needs.
How to use Express Invoice
  • Choose the invoice template that matches your business needs and provide the bank you're your business name and logo to personalize.
  • Utilize Express Invoice as needed for the products you have in stock.
  • Select any early payment discounts and/or late-payment penalty terms as applicable.
  • Provide options for Email, Print, or Mail invoices to recipients.
  • Payments collected by the various payment methods will be automatically deposited to the Business Account you designate.
For more information
visit the nearest Uniti Bank branch, call us at 888-733-2599 or submit a request on our Contact Us page.