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Uniti Bank Pay
Simplify Your Complicated Receivable Management!

Stable business fund management starts from smooth account receivable management. This innovative e-Banking service provides various methods for monthly payments and collecting credit/receivables- A smart solution offering for enhancing your business cash flow that no other Korean-American bank offers.

For Fast and Smooth Business Cash Flow!

Using ‘Uniti Bank Pay’ will reduce labor cost and time while providing enhanced cash flow by directly transferring paid amounts to business funds.

ACH or Credit Card Payments Received Online!

Whether your business partners want to pay for their remaining balance, or your customers want to pay for purchases or monthly payments, we provide the right solution which your business partners and customers can pay directly, safely and conveniently online using their bank information and credit card. We offer convenient Online Payment methods for what the Customers want.

Particularly, Beneficial to the following Types of Business Owners:
  • Property Management
  • Wholesale & Retail Business
  • Condo HOA
  • Fitness Center
  • Travel Agency
  • Utility Company
  • Water Purification Business
  • Loan Company
  • and More!
e-Banking Service Consultation & Questions: 888-733-2599