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Business Checking
Account Type Checking Super Now
Description This is a non-interest bearing checking account that is designed for customers carrying larger account balances. Statements are generated monthly. This is an interest bearing checking account allowing the customer unlimited check writing privileges. Statements are generated monthly.
Minimum Opening Deposit $500 $1,000
Service Charge Per Statement Cycle $10 service charge and $0.25 per debit $10 service charge and $0.25 per debit
Minimum Balance Requirement to Waive Service Charge Daily minimum balance of $2,500 or monthly average balance of $5,000 Daily minimum balance of $2,500 or monthly average balance of $10,000
Unlimited Check-Writing
Online Banking / Telephone Banking
Bill Payment
Uniti Bank Debit Card with Chip Technology
Access to STARsf® ATMs Nationwide with No Surcharge
Additional Information Business Analysis Checking is classified under Business Checking, but fees and charges are based on the Analysis Fee Schedule.

* We may change the accounts mentioned in this schedule at any time by adding new terms and conditions or deleting or amending existing terms and conditions.