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ACH Collection

Uniti Bank ACH Collection is an electronic payment service which allows for the collection of funds via the ACH network. ACH Collection services can be used to collect funds from Account Receivables from your customers as well as business clients. It also provides many benefits derived from processing transactions in batches rather than sending each payment separately.

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ACH Debit Notification

This service allows ACH Transaction Information to recipients via Email or Text. By sending the transaction information ahead of time, both sender and receiver benefit from the convenience, especially during the Accounting process.
Ask the Uniti Bank E-Banking Department (888-733-2599) for personalized consultation and/or a Demo.

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Lockbox Service

LockBox service is a service whereby receivables to be deposited by the customer are mailed directly to a Uniti Bank post office box for deposit by the bank. Deposits retrieved from the post office box are processed and deposited directly into the company bank account.

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Merchant Processing

Looking for Merchant Service?

The Uniti Bank E-Banking Department can help find the Solution that best matches your needs. Increase Revenue by offering a variety of payment methods. Collected payments will be automatically deposited to the Business Account you designate.

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Remote Deposit (RD) Service

Remote Deposit Service is a system that allows a customer to scan checks remotely and transmit the check images for deposit, usually via an encrypted internet connection, without having to visit the bank.

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Uniti Bank Pay

Uniti Bank Pay Service is an invoice payment collection service which allows payments to be made with a variety of payment methods.

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Express Invoice

Uniti Bank's Express Invoice service allows businesses to get paid faster, improve cash flow and have access to money sooner by invoicing customers electronically. With the ability to select the invoice option that best fits your needs, collect payments with a variety of options (checks, ACH, Credit Cards).

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